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Organizers Overview



Kent J. McDonald helps organizations understand and solve the problems that they face. He is active in the business analysis and Agile software development communities helping people share stories about what does and does not work. He shares stories through, and in addition to presentations at various conferences and local user groups. Kent has been on the organizing committee for the Agile2008, Agile2009, and Agile2011 conferences, acts as the Product Owner for the conference submission system, and is the Agile2013 Conference Chair.



Lisa Shoop is a highly skilled transformation leader with experience guiding teams through change by creating organizational alignment, fostering open team communication, collaboration and establishing accountability. LIsa has extensive experience in the information technology industry spanning many aspects of software development: Quality Assurance, Agile Coaching, Portfolio & Product Management, Business Analysis, Software Development and Delivery, Project Management and Business Processes. Lisa has been in the Agile community for some time and has been involved in the Agile conferences as a presenter, reviewer and stage co-producer. She is the director of Agile Coaching at Sabre-Holdings and is a reviewer of manuscripts for book publication on Agile and Leadership for Pearson Education. Lisa was also last year's co-director of the highly successful Agile Alliance event; the Agile Leadership Forum.



Peter Provost is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Visual Studio where he is currently focused on making Visual Studio the supreme environment for agile developers. In Visual Studio 2010, Peter helped drive the extensibility features of the Architecture and Design tools. Prior to that, Peter managed the patterns & practices development team at Microsoft where they created Guides, Software Factories and Application Blocks like Enterprise Library and the Composite User Interface Application Block. Before joining Microsoft, he was a consultant in the Rocky Mountain region focusing on Microsoft technologies and agile software development techniques. He has spoken at a number of conferences and user groups and has written articles on agile development, ASP.NET, Web services and other topics.




Eric Willeke is a generalist software practitioner with over ten years of experience covering development, leadership, coaching, training and consulting roles. Eric has continually demonstrated an ability to fit lean and agile practices cleanly into organisations across an incredible variety of contexts, amplifying the chances of ongoing adoption.

Eric's passion for helping teams engage with their work and their customers is evident in his writing at and his involvement in both the Agile Alliance and Lean Software and Systems series of conferences.

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