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Theme: Technical

Chair: Dominica DeGrandis

Co-chair: Paul Hammond


DevOps seeks to address the challenges organizations face when applying change to high velocity environments. Speedy software development handing work over to risk-averse operations need not result in bottlenecks of pessimism.

The rise of PaaS, SaaS, IaaS combined with improved understanding of systemic dependencies and business risk is changing how collaboration, automation and operations work in today’s modern enterprises. Mental models are shifting from protection mode to enabling-change mode.

In this track, we look at the processes, tools and culture shifts shaping the DevOps movement.

Submissions to this track should consider one or more of the following questions/topics:

What is DevOps, and why is it important?

  • Learn the philosophy behind DevOps.
  • Learn how DevOps helps deliver more business value.
  • Understand the impact on both technology and infrastructure, as well as people and organizations.

Examples of DevOps done well

  • learn from theory and from real-world examples.
  • learn about tools available in the DevOps toolkit.
  • hear about metrics – how to look at total risk and not just local risk.

What challenges will I face, and how can I recover when things go wrong?

  • Is it possible to have both speed and predictability?
  • where does ITIL fit in?
  • learn how to avoid problematic silos and unite your Development and Operations teams toward total business value.
  • hear how to get support for the transition to DevOps, both from your leadership team and from your engineers.
  • understand how your organization's maturity level may affect the ability to adopt a DevOps approach.
  • hear how to integrate a DevOps approach into a traditional schedule oriented PMO world.
  • hear stories on DevOps collisions with traditional release management

What is next for the DevOps discipline?

  • hear about some of the emergent thinking and cutting edge techniques for taking DevOps to the next level.
  • hear from, and join in with, the DevOps community as it continues to move forward.


  • Damon Edwards
  • Jeffrey Hulten
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Kris Buytaert
  • Gildas Le Nadan
  • Andrew Clay Shafer

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